Chicago Neighborhood Bike Tours

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Bike ToursJoin Lee Diamond of BIG SHOULDERS REALTY and CHICAGO VELO as he leads you on a bicycle tour of Chicago’s neighborhoods, exploring the history and architecture of the many communities that together tell the story of Chicago. These aren’t tourist trap tours. These are tours that enlighten and entertain. They aren’t sales pitches for real estate or other products. These are rides that will teach you a side of the city you will never see anywhere else, whether you are visiting for the weekend, or a life-long resident. Touring the city on bicycle provides a full-overhead and 360° view at a comfortable speed that still allows riders four times the ground of a walking tour, providing the healthiest way to get around, for participants and the environment.

Tours are between 12 and 18 miles in length and range from 4 to 6 hours with a casual pace through the city’s streets. Bicycles are available in a variety of sizes to borrow on a limited basis and with prior reservations of at least 72 hours before the tour. Availability is not guaranteed and is strictly first come first serve though we have arrangements with several rental companies if you still need to make rental arrangements. Participants must wear a helmet and sign a waiver at the start of the ride and/or at the time of registration. Registration now open.

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